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Online Texas Hold'Em Secrets Cheats! Free Download!I had the good fortune of falling upon a source for this free e-book entitled Online Texas Holedem Secrets Cheats Revealed.  In the pantheon of online poker e-books, there are really just a few worth mentioning.  This is one of them.  It’s a great read with a lot of interesting insights, tips, and strategies specifically dealing with the online poker world.

And it’s FREE.  No email opt-in.  No token charges.  No strings.  Just plain, simple, free.

The whole point of SmokePoker.com is to provide value to our visitors and newsletter members.  We sincerely hope that we are achieving this goal.  And certainly in that spirit, we’ve secured this dowanloadable e-book for your for absolutley nothing!  Zero.  Zilch.  Free.   We’ve seen this particular e-book cost as much as $67 or even $97 (unconfirmed).  But as our gift to you, we want you to have this e-book for free so you too can master the secrets to the online poker game.

I personally love playing online poker.  I find it richly rewarding financially and as a committed hobby.  The online game is something you can play at any time of day, any day of the year, with real live players.  What could be more exciting, entertaining and unifying as the shared love and passion for poker.   The online poker world provides this.

This e-book is designed for serious online poker players.  But you must remember, that there are two types of online poker players.  Those who do it for the thrill and excitement… and those who do it for the money and winnings.  Indeed, both aspects play into ANY online game you play.  But nearly every player tilts (no pun intended!) towareds one type or another.  If you are in it for the money and winnings.  Don’t download this e-book.  Sign up for our newsletter.  Get your free Worlds’ Best Poker Bot and sign up to the William Hill Poker room and start making money.  If you want to make serious monet, visit our TOOLS section and get yourself a solid Table Scanner, Buddy List, etc. to drill down and focus on making $$$.   I’ve never met a person who ever regretted getting these tools once they’ve fully implemented them.  So I don’t need to convince you of their effectiveness — you WILL make money… period.

However, if you want a break from a bot, buddy, list, miner, etc… and actually play the game for the old fashioned thrill of solid online poker, then this book is for you.  As much as I love the tools, I nearly always play live hands online.  And when I win that giant pot, there is NOTHING in the world that feels so satisfying as that moment.  I often say that playing professional online poker is the best day job in the world.  You work hard for your money (as the song goes) and you feel great like on Cloud Nine when you win money.

Finally, this is not a beginner e-book.  If you are new to poker, sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll get a great Texas Hold’em e- book resource on your 8th or 9th email from us.  BUT, if you’re an amateur playing or beginner looking to improve your game, I’m gonna let you add $67 to your table by giving this e-book download to you for absolutely nothing.  Free (legally too as you’ll see in the e-book itself!).





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