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Posted June 9, 2012 by Andrew in SPECIALS!

It’s not easy to find good online poker bot software.  Let’s face it.  Poker rooms aren’t thrilled with the idea of players setting up their bots to automate their turn at the table and watch over time as their cash starts to stack up!    And while there are a ton of online poker bots, few match the quality, compatibility and functioning of the Online Poker Bot (at time of writing at v4).

What makes this poker bot work so well?

Well, for starters it was released in 2012 (v4) and supports over 22 poker rooms.  It is compatible with any kind of poker table which allows for maximum use.  Previously, some of the better bots would only work on no limit tables.  But Online Poker Bot (v4) works with no limit, pot limit, sit-and-go and other tournaments, and fixed limit games too.

This is not a free poker bot, but you do have the option to download the Online Poker Bot – version 4 (click here)

In my opinion you do get what you pay for.  This is a quality poker robot.  It’s virtually undetectable by poker rooms and sophisticated enough that it can mimic human behaviour by altering click and move time.   So, run the bot and the poker site on the same computer at the same time with no issues at all.  This current version is enhanced with ‘stealth’ mode.

Once configured correctly (ie. the more you tweak it the better it will perform) you can literally sit back and watch the wins flow in.

Remember, using Online Poker Bot is NOT cheating.  You’re simply playing hands in concert with statistical probabilities for winning.  Since you never know what your opponents cards are (and neither does the bot) you can never have 100% certainty.  That’s the magic of the poker bot.  If it won all the hands all the time, no one would play poker anymore and the fevelopers who created this bot would be millionaires.  So why use a bot, then?

Well, by using a bot you’re going to ensure that every hand played it decided in the best possible strategy given the known variables at the time.  In essence, human error is eliminated (which account for why you lose more than you make playing online poker).  Remember the pocket 8’s you went all-in on?  Well, you won’t be making mistakes like that with the bot playing for you.

Are you ready to set your poker playing to cruise-control all the way to the bank?

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(Note:  Online Poker Bot (v4) is a third-party product that we are promoting as an affiliate.  We make no guarantees on the functioning, quality, or results of the poker bot software.  Further, we are not liable nor responsible for your experience with Online Poker Bot (v4).  Also, note that Online Poker Bot v4 is an add-on for Holdem Inspector Pro. The bot appears to use holdem inspector as a brain to perform the suggested action for you automatically. Holdem inspector pro offers a 30-day trial version, so there is no reason to buy holdem inspector right away.  But be advised you will need to purchase Holdem Inspector Pro to make the add-on function).

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