Review: Is MagicHoldem Poker Odds Calculator really magic?

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When online poker first became popular, I played… and lost… and play again… and lost again.  I admit I wasn’t very good.   I mean, sure, I knew how to play as far as the basics go but I just never seemed to have any luck so I stuck to the free tables – until I got better and better at it.  Then I got the poker bot (which you can download today by signing up to our FREE newsletter).   So you win money with the bot playing your hands, but some days you actually want to play some rounds and actually WIN yourself!   This is just the gap that MagicHoldem fills in.

During my extensive searches for ebooks and the like to teach me how to properly play the game, I stumbled across a piece of software that literally changed my poker playing life! Seriously though, this nifty little software program has me playing online poker again and I’m doing pretty well at it if I do say so myself (when not using my bot!).   And the funny things is that sooo many of the winning players at the table are using odds calculators to help.  And I’d bet you all-in that the vast majority are using MagicHoldem.

MagicHoldem is probably at the core of my online poker software collection. MagicHoldem poker room works with more than 170 different online poker rooms and you can get a free one year license if you make your first deposit at the ever popular Full Tilt Poker, Pacific Poker and many, many others.  The trial is easy to install and once installed it will work automatically with the poker room software.   This is a big plus!  And it is one of the reasons why I like MagicHoldem so much over other Odds Calculators.   It isn’t cheap software (which is the only downside), but it’s worth the money — or of course you can get if free for a year which I would DEFINITELY take advantage of while this deal is still hot.

Also, in case you have any ethical concerns about using the software, MagicHoldem is pretty mainstream and well recognized as falling within the parameters of fair play. But of course, you should always check with your poker room to be sure!

The biggest strength with MagicHoldem is its ability to handle fast play. With normal play, you see your cards and are prompted to act when it’s your turn. What MagicHoldem does is essentially an enhanced Odds Calculator that shows you specifically what the odds are for your hand(s) and makes it simple and easy to apply the information and act accordingly. I actually found I learned a lot about what are good and not so good starting hands and how quickly odds can change relative to the flop, turn , and river cards. Most professionally players calculate this mentally, memorize a lot of this themselves, or intuitively act based on their experience with similar hand odds. This is a tool that will help you LEARN to better play poker (online and offline!).

It’s important to understand that this useful tool DOES NOT tell you what the other players have or anything of that nature. What it does do is it gives you sort of a thermometer type analogy at the beginning of the hand to help you to decide whether you would like to call, fold or raise the bet. Now, when the hole cards are dealt the MagicHoldem poker partner will give you a set of odds which is basically an overall win statistic that is based on the cards in your hand. The program will then give you some information based on what your opposing players might potentially come up with to win. So you have the best of both worlds. You get actual statistics for your hand adapted to the “guessed” probabilities of other hands that haven’t been revealed. This helps you hone the craft and make better decisions. Unfortunately, this won’t guarantee you winning hands after winning hands, but it will directly improve your skill and perceptiveness. And of course, you’ll get better with the cold calculating side of the game – which is priceless even when you don’t use the software!

MagicHoldem is not strictly limited to just telling you what the overall probability of a win is though. It will also point out to you the probabilities of getting certain hands based on the cards that turn up in the flop, turn and the river.

Let’s take a look at an example to make this a little clearer. Let’s say you already have a triple in your hand. MagicHoldem poker partner will then tell you that you have a 29.1% chance of getting a full house, and a 20.8% chance that the next player will potentially pull of the full house. These results are based on statistical analysis of the cards and what the chances are that the next cards drawn could be the cards needed to make the full house.

MagicHoldem Table Display

So you may be thinking, is that it?   Well there’s more to calculate when you are playing a round of poker.  The next thing you must consider are the pot odds. Pot odds are where the primary focus needs to be placed by the players in order to keep their money over the long term. Basically, the pot odds are a very simple component of what successful players need to know. As long as the pot odds come in less than the out odds then you should stick with the game.  Free poker calculators will not be able to provide this information for you. Basically, it’s a way to determine if you should play conservative or risky depending on how big the pot is and how much of your own chips you’ve committed to it.

MagicHoldem will provide the odds that any one of your outs will show up in community cards next. You will find the best hand played so far at the bottom of the window and the information windows will pop up in the left side of the poker software when you are playing (these can be turned on or off as needed) and you can move them pretty much anywhere you want them to be so they aren’t in your field of view.

There are other poker Odds Calculators out there. And I don’t like to endorse one over another if I feel that each can be useful in their own right and with the right player. However, I have had much luck and success with MagicHoldem. I think the strength of this software is that you will learn a lot about the odds on various plays and scenarios. The surprising thing to me was how much my OFFLINE games have improved because of using MagicHoldem online.

But the best way to check it out is to download the free trial and if you like it, then you can easily get a free one year subscription so you can keep using it. All you do is just sign up for one of the many poker rooms featured on the MagicHoldem site and make a small deposit and they will give you a one year license free. After a year of playing, you’ll know if you want to renew the license or not… and my guess is you will! 


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