My Baddest Poker Beat Ever!

Posted October 1, 2009 by Andrew in Articles

Poker Bad BeatWe’ve all been there – having that one hand that you’re sure you’re going to win with so you say the three words every person at the table chasing hates to hear, “I’M ALL IN!”. Well I’m sure you all know what happens next so I am not going to dwell on that part.

I was sitting at a low stakes table at the Daytona Beach Dog Track Poker Room and I got a Queen of hearts and a Ten of hearts. So I call and here comes the flop. Now I don’t remember what the suit of the flop was, but I do remember it was Ten, Ten, Queen. I got a boat on the flop. So it goes, they check all the way around to me, so I say to myself that this is going to be an easy win – I was still new to the game at the time.

They fold all the way around and then it gets to the guy on my right at the end of the table and he says CALL and I was sitting there wishing I had more money to put in the pot. So it was me and him. We turn them up and he has a King Ten. Now there was 8 cards in the deck that could beat me, 4 Aces and 4 Kings and lo and behold he had one of them! Well the turn comes and it’s a Nine so I was thinking, well I got over one hump, now it’s just the river I have to worry about. I had about 150 dollars in the pot and there was about 400 dollars total and I already had it spent.

I was sitting there thinking about what I was going to get with the money, but if I more than likely would have been out the door and going to the store with it. What a mistake that was. So the dealer taps the table and goes for the deck, burns one and then turns the card. It was kind of like slow motion at first – me with a big smile on my face. Then I see the big black K and the king on the card laughing at me as it hits the table. I was in shock, I really could not believe I had lost it!

I had it from the start and I did what I thought was right from only playing for a few weeks. Now let me tell you, that hand was about 10 years ago now and I still remember every little thing about it to this very day… :)

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