Why Poker Software?

In the arsenal of poker software products for online playing, there are several that many professional and amateur players alike consider essential.  This is an evolving area of online poker.  Actually, scratch that.  This is a RAPIDLY evolving area of online poker play.  And the reason is that there are literally thousands of new software being developed every day with claims ranging from general learning and tutorials, to a complete statistical library and AI (artificial intelligence) setup that would make even an actuarial scientist’s head spin!  And presumably help you win a lot of money on the tables!

So if you’re new to online poker playing, or just a casual recreational player, a budding amateur, or burgeoning professional, you would be wise to know the software options and terminology.

Why?  Simple.

Whether or not your make use of these products, make no mistake – they are out there.  Poker software is hottest thing right now in online poker.  You’ve probably been playing against bot and players utilizing software without even realizing it.

It’s sort of like stocks.  You can wait for the paper to come out and see how a particular stock is performing.  Or you can go online and get an instant feed ticker for live updates.  Or you can have several programs running analyzing historical performance, cross-referencing industry trends and news updates and qualitative and quantitative results analysis all fed automatically to the final buy, hold, or sell action.

All three representations described above are out there in one form or another.  Who do you thing is going to do the best and make the most money?

Again, I want to be clear.  You don’t have to use any of these tools if you don’t want to, or can’t (i.e. the poker house of your choice does not allow you to use software).  All I’m stressing is that you must be aware of the modern day reality of who or what you’re playing against.

Finally, as with anything controversial, there are ethical questions and arguments to be made.  You must reach your own conclusions and of course adhere to any the Terms of Service outlined by the poker tables you wish to play on.  My purpose here will be only to inform you of the choices and what’s being used in poker rooms today.

For the most part, I personally feel that 95% of tools out there are completely ethical in my view.  They assist game play and odds calculations, and even play hands for you based on statistical analysis. But what wins the argument for me is that there is always an element of chance.  And that means there is always risk.  We are one of the rare websites that offer a quality free poker bot.  This bot will play hands for your based on statistics and live game play.  But there are always big hands that I’ve lost while observing the bot in action.  Remember, that’s the “joy” of Poker – the element of luck and chance as much as strategy and statistical knowledge!

In my mind, if there is software that completely eliminates risk and can successfully determine hand outcomes 100% of the time, then it’s unethical.  Until then, I don’t have a problem with it.  But that’s my own personal opinion.  You will have to come to terms with yours.

Last bit, there are a few programs that I don’t like in particular.  Some are just scams, but others involve collusion.  That is, there is software that will communicate and “share” hands/data with other players using the same software during live game play.  I personally think that goes over the line.  That’s akin to two or more players at a physical table showing their hands to each other and then crunching the data to generate possible outcomes on knowledge of more than their own hand.  I am completely opposed to this.

That being said, READ ON!   And learn about the cutting edge of online Poker…