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23 x 12 = 276.  How did I know the answer to that?  I just popped it into my handy calculator and –POOF- out came the answer.  Now imagine being able to so the same thing but for your pocket cards in your next Texas Hold’em game?

I recently got a hold of an amazing little physical poker calculator that I just love.  It’s shaped like an actual mini calculator and sort of modeled after one.  It has a really cool interface with custom keys that you punch in to calculate your pre-flop winning odds based on your dealt cards and the number of players at your table.  At the end of this post, take a look at how YOU can get one sent to you completely free of charge!

This device is very portable and fairly inexpensive.  It’s also the only physical poker odds calculating device that I’ve seen on the market.  I liked it so much that I tracked down the manufacturer and interviewed Cameron Brown, CEO of Delphin Trading Corp. out of Ontario, Canada and also the brains behind this poker calculating device.

Here’s a brief excerpt from my interview:

SmokePoker: Thanks very much for taking the time to tell us a bit about this really neat Poker Calculator.  I’m so used to seeing online software, it was a really awesome to come across an ACTUAL physical calculator.  Can you briefly explain to readers what exactly the Texas Hold’Em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator is?

Cameron Brown:  The ‘Play To Win’ Texas Hold’em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator is a small, hand held calculator that determines the strength of your starting hand by estimating the odds of winning pre-flop and your hand ranking out of 169 possible combinations based on the number of players at the table.

SP:  It definitely IS small which is a really neat design feature.  But you gotta tell me, how did you come up with this idea in the first place?

CB:  The Pre-Flop Odds Calculator started to evolve from my interest in winning odds percentages as I played more Texas Hold’em and wanted to improve my game.  My first pursuits involved seeking information on pre-flop odds and starting hand strength.  While, everyone knows AA is the best starting hand, where did QJ not suited stand?

As I pursued various sources I only found charts and online calculators that offered this information.  As well, I found most calculators that included post-flop odds were extremely complicated and difficult to learn and use.   I was also of the opinion that knowing the strength of your starting hand pre-flop helped tremendously in determining your best approach pre-flop play, especially as a novice or beginner.  And there were no other simple, easy to use alternatives to the complicated online calculators and charts.

SP:  So is it primarily intended for novice players?

CB:  Not at all. As an online player myself, I was also always cashing in my player points for novelty items such as hats and shirts and taking them as gifts to home games or poker events.  It occurred to me that there was a lack of new and innovative products available.  Thus Delphin Trading Corp. set out to develop a small, handheld device that would allow players to calculate the pre-flop odds and starting hand ranking when playing Texas Hold’em.  The design objectives were to creative a product that was easy to use, portable and inexpensive allowing players to use it while online or sitting at a table playing.  In essence we created an electronic strategy chart that is the size of a playing card and will estimate your odds based on a range of 2 to 10 players at the table.  In our case, however, you do not have to spend a lot of money and carry around 9 different charts!

SP: So it’s perfect for novices, and as a gift or novelty item, who else is it geared for?

CB:  We see the calculator being used by novice and intermediate players as a learning tool in becoming knowledgeable with the odds of winning and the starting hand strength (ranking out of 169) pre-flop.  But we also see the Texas Hold’em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator most often being used by online players that are not using complicated online odds calculator software and of course, by home players as a fun and educational item at the table.

SP: Definitely.   I know this is a fairly new product out on the market.  What has the response been so far?

CB: The initial response has been great since our product launched earlier this year.  There has been significant interest from distributors and retailers selling poker supplies, games and party supplies.  We also have strong interest from companies looking to offer the product as an incentive, promotional item, or as a gift with purchase such as promotions companies, poker sites, and in combination with other poker products.  Our current retailers have all experienced solid sell-through at the real and online level and we have enjoyed numerous re-orders from our current customer base.  Overall, we are excited with our successful launch and continue to seek new distributors and retailers to partner with in the marketing of the Texas Hold’em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator.

SP:  Any interest from the big players [individual or institutions] of the poker world?

CB:  At this time we are looking to find one or several key professional players to partner with in the promotion of the pre-flop odds calculator.  We do continue to co-sponsor in conjunction with the World Poker Tour (WPT) the CALCULATE THE ODDS Tournament on their website.

SP: I must say I’m really happy I found this.  It’s a typical interview question to ask “What’s the most amazing thing about the calculator?”  As the owner and creator of this poker calculator, how would you answer that?

CB: There are actually three things that are the most amazing about the calculator.  We believe the unique nature of the product, the attractive price, and its ease-of-use.  With a few simple key strokes you are on your way to improving your Texas Hold’em play and truly understanding starting hand strength.

SP: Do you have any other potential enhancements or future poker products in the works?

CB: We are currently working on new products that will be marketed under the ‘Play To Win’ brand from Delphin Trading.  Our focus is learning and strategy tools that can be marketed as small, easy to use electronic devices.  Our customers are already asking for an odds calculator that will also determine hand strength and winning odds post-flop.  One that will be easy to use.  We expect our next several products to be based on poker and related games, however in the long term we plan to expand into other areas.

SP:  That’s outstanding.   We all look forward to seeing what else you come up with in future.  Thanks for taking the time to speak with

CB:  It’s my pleasure.  Thank you.

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